Want to learn kiteboarding or improve your skills? Do it with us!

El Gouna awaits you with its huge lagoon, knee-deep turquoise blue water and consistent wind – perfect conditions for any level of kiteboarding! Whether you are an independent rider or a beginner, join us for kiteboarding classes according to your needs.

Book your classes, bring some good vibes and a sense of determination and we promise, we’ll be having fun together!

Kite­boarding classes

 Learn and improve your kitesurfing skills in perfect conditions.

kiteboarding Basic COURSE

8 lessons, 2-3 DAYS

Want to learn kiteboarding? Do it! This Basic Course is recommended for those who already have enjoyed a few kitesurfing lessons or have experience in water sports, snow sports or wind sports.

350 Euros


12 Lessons, 3-4 DAYS

Are you looking for a comprehensive learning experience? This Intensive Course is recommended for individuals with no prior board sport experience. The 12 hours will allow us to look into the content of the basic course more intensively, making sure you know all the details you need to know.

480 Euros


4 Lessons, 1-2 DAYs

You’ve enjoyed kiteboarding before, but have taken a break from it for some time? With this refresher course, we’ll rebuild your confidence and and make sure you’ll become an independent rider again. You’ll be provided with a useful overview of all essentials and have time to practice your skills under supervision.

230 Euros 

Kiteboarding Private Lesson

Do you want to experience the pinnacle of the learning experience? Book your private kiteboarding lessons with your personal coach and enjoy personalised 1-on-1 coaching. It’s by far the safest and most efficient way to progress your riding and your tricks.

1 hour – 75 Euros
2 hours – 145 Euros
4 hours – 280 Euros

Foil Lesson

Do you fancy trying out foiling, the new frontier of the kitesurfing scene? The so-called «magic carpet ride» is unlike anything that you’ve experienced before. But as it is slightly more technical than kiteboarding, it’s highly recommended to get some tips of a skilled coach in advance. Competence in standard twin-tip board riding is necessary.

1 hour – 80 Euros
2 hours – 155 Euros


In case there is only 1 student, the amount of lessons are being reduced: the Basic Course has a duration of 6 hours, the Basic Course Intense takes 9 hours and the Refresh Course lasts 3 hours.