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There are many ways to experience kiteboarding.
Let’s explore them together!

We believe that whatever you spend time on in life you should enjoy to the fullest. With Kiteboarding Ways you can learn how to do kiteboarding or, if you are already a rider, bring your skills to the next level. Be it with our kiteboarding classes, the El Gouna Kite Camps or our Kite Safari – we go the extra mile to make your kiteboarding experience unforgettable.

Start your kiteboarding adventure with KiteboardingWays and discover your own true way of kiteboarding.

We are certified kite instructors: We go the extra mile and are assigning the highest priority to your needs.

We are teaching with new kite material, ensuring you will have the best possible learning experience.

We provide you with perfect conditions: The flat, knee-deep water is the ideal environment for learning and improving.

Come and join us in El Gouna. 

Thanks to the many offerings of KiteboardingWays, we can cater for all your needs: